Why It’s Time to Bring Fire Door Safety Home

In the throes of a national pandemic, maintaining safety inspections is becoming increasingly hard. If you’re like most facility and safety managers across the United States, your budget is tightening each day as we drudge deeper through the waves of COVID. Your job abruptly shifted from bidding out facility inspections like fire door inspections to […]

Why We Started Safenetix

The world is constantly changing. Technology is constantly advancing, and the economy will forever be unpredictable. When you’re dealing with dynamic and fluid factors like these,  success will always rely on the ability to change along with the times.

The Anatomy of a Fire Door

There are many components that work together to create an effective and properly functional fire door assembly. Check out this infographic to learn more about fire door components such as coordinators, fire & smoke seals, fire door labels and more. Each component of the fire door below should be inspected thoroughly per NFPA guidelines. Want […]