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Safenetix Level 1 Certified Fire & Smoke Damper Inspector

Once a person earns certification, they will be named a Safenetix Level 1 Certified Fire & Smoke Damper Inspector. A certified inspector will have obtained knowledge on the codes and standards of NFPA 80 and NFPA 101 to test fire/smoke dampers along with reading life safety/mechanical drawings. The certified inspector will generally be accepted for knowing the fire and smoke damper functionality, diagnosis, maintenance practices, safety, reporting after the job, and other subject and practice areas within the passive fire protection profession as identified through periodic job task analyses.

For more information, including eligibility requirements, please download the CFSDI-1 Exam Application Guide below.

Exam Information

Safenetix Certified Level 1 Fire and Smoke Damper Inspector examinations are offered at 1:00 pm ET on the last Friday of every month onsite at the corporate headquarters.

Address for Onsite Exams:  908 S 8th St, Ste 500, Louisville, KY 40203

Exam Schedule:  TBD – COMING SOON

Exam Application:  Download the application below and follow the instructions in the application.

Exam Fee:  $3,995

Eligibility Requirements / More Details:  Download the CFSDI-1 Exam Application Guide below.

Resources and Downloads:

Click the links below to view and download the PDF documentation for the Certified Fire & Smoke Damper Inspection Level 1 (CFSDI-1):