High-rise office building, corporate office spaces and other types of commercial facilities have their own, unique obstacles when it comes to facility safety. Safenetix understands that safety training directly impacts an organization’s safety culture. Facility departments in the commercial arena often struggle with supplying enough knowledge and skills to keep the team motivated to perform code-mandated facility tasks. The lack of time, education and training oftentimes stands in the way of a safer facility for not only you, but for your guests.

commercial office space
Commercial Office Space

Safety training is an important element of an effective and efficient overall facilities program – especially in the commercial sector when property management is often outsourced or contracted. With Safenetix, you can receive the training you need, regardless of who employs, that fits into your busy schedule. Through our years of experience working in countless commercial facilities over the years, we’ve created the perfect online solution to make maintaining compliance easier than it’s even been before. Say goodbye to outsourcing inspections to contractors and bring inspections in-house – you’ll save precious maintenance dollars and experience complete standardization in your testing processes.

We provide both onsite and online training by knowledgeable and experienced staff, tailored specifically to your industry.

Don’t see the training that your commercial facility needs? Submit a suggestion and we will let you know when the course is available.