Meeting strict safety requirements in an industrial facility is a daunting task. The specific safety needs of your facility varies greatly from other industries, and Safenetix understands that. We know that a safe facility starts at the core and begins with training – it must be easily accessible and consistent across your organization. Essential safety training can decrease the risk of potential safety catastrophes, reduce insurance premiums and save your organization money in unnecessary fines.

A safety training program like Safenetix protects your industrial company and shows you have adequately trained employees in facility safety. An insurance company, for example, can examine the safety training program you have made employees complete and the inspection records you have kept to understand whether requirements have been met to protect workplace safety. Safety training also gives employees the confidence they need to perform mandated safety inspection and boosts efficiency and productivity. Safenetix offers you the ability to train a large number of employees across different locations while being cost-effective.

To make compliance even easier, we’ve created an inspection application that is easy to use and easy to implement into your safety processes. Learn how you can bring mandatory safety inspections in-house -with the training and tools you need, you’re sure to achieve substantial savings in your already tight maintenance budget.