Long Term Living

It’s particularly important that nursing homes, long term living and assisted living facilities understand safety hazards and have plans in place to address them. As many residents of these facilities may have impaired health and would likely need extra assistance in the event of emergency such as a fire or natural disaster, it’s imperative that the facility staff ensure the facility itself is in proper working order. Safenetix understands that acquiring the training that long term living facility maintenance staff and managers need is hard to acquire. That’s why we’ve created the best technology platform in the business to give you the training that you need – on your schedule, and on your budget.

A good disaster preparedness plan starts with preventative measures to reduce the risk of a disaster occurring. In order to protect themselves and their residents from fires, facilities should take measures to reduce hazards around their facilities, such as code mandated fire door inspections and fire and smoke damper inspections. Unfortunately, these inspections can be costly for long term living facilities. Gain the training and certification you need to perform these inspections yourself and provide your AHJ with the reporting the code requires.