As facility safety personnel in the education arena, you have a moral obligation to ensure that you provide a safe and secure environment for your students. The safety codes that require your classrooms, residential, recreational and administrative buildings on campus are stringent – Safenetix can provide you with the training and tools you need to ensure your facility is safe while staying within the ever-decreasing fiscal boundaries.

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Safenetix knows that proper facility management is a major success factor in education and it’s time for facilities to embrace FM trends by leveraging technology to track assets and code mandated inspections. With Safenetix, you can reduce wasted spend by acquiring the training needed to perform safety inspections in-house. Your staff can finally achieve the training they need without having to take time away to attend expensive educational seminars and conferences. With Safenetix, we bring the training to you. Your team will have the skills they need without ever having to leave campus.

We understand the importance of consistent inspection reporting across each of the buildings on your campus. That’s why we’ve created the most comprehensive inspection software in the business. Our inspection application will walk you through each step of the inspection process step-by-step. Generate the report you need, when you need it to present to your fire marshal or other AHJ in seconds. It’s that easy.

Don’t see the training your plant management team needs for facility compliance? We’re constantly adding to our catalog of courses. Submit your suggestion and we will be sure to add it to our course catalog and notify you when it’s ready.