The Importance of Swinging Door Inspection Training

Discover why swinging door inspection training is crucial for building safety and compliance. The Basics of Swinging Door Inspection Swinging door inspection is an essential aspect of building safety and compliance. It involves examining the functionality and condition of swinging doors to ensure they meet the necessary standards. During the inspection, various door components, such […]

Unlocking Safety: The Vital Role of NFPA 80 Knowledge in Fire Door Inspections

In the realm of fire safety, the significance of adhering to established standards cannot be overstated. One such paramount standard is the NFPA 80, which outlines codes and regulations for fire door inspections. As buildings become more complex and safety concerns escalate, understanding and implementing NFPA 80 standards is crucial to safeguarding lives and property. […]

Swinging Fire Door Inspections

Swinging Fire Door Inspections have quickly become one of the many required fire safety inspections on a facility manager’s list that they have come to dread. Not only are these annual inspections required by Authority Having Jurisdiction’s such as the Joint Commission, CMS they are also required by local and state fire marshals. Strict reporting […]