Using Online Resources for Swinging Fire Door Inspection Training


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With over one million fires nationwide every year between 2009 and 2018, it is clear that every facility must be fully prepared for a potential fire.

One of the precautions you should take to prepare is a yearly fire door inspection. This way you will ensure that your building has safe exits and protective buffers in the case of a fire.

The inspection is an invaluable step to take in protecting your staff, visitors, and building. Finding training to learn how to properly perform swinging fire door inspections is easier than ever with online options.

Read on to learn more.

Online Swinging Fire Door Inspection Training

Fire doors are essential. They are included in fire safety standards from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration

To achieve maximum safety, you must perform annual fire door inspections and you must perform them accurately.

Online training options make it easy to find time to be trained in the proper inspection steps, as you can take the online course on your own time. Also, you may find online safety training to be more cost-effective.

Online training does not mean you will be sacrificing accuracy or quality education. Safenetix online training courses have been developed by experienced professionals. We are sharing their knowledge to ensure that you achieve a high level of safety.

The swinging fire door inspection training is a three-hour online course. It teaches students about the construction of swinging fire doors, the requirements for a fire door to be deemed safe, and how to determine that these requirements are being met.

Use an App to Complete the Inspection

The online swinging fire door training is not all we offer. Safenetix does not leave you to attempt the fire door inspection on your own while trying to reference your notes.

Instead, Safenetix provides a straightforward app that makes the inspection process smooth and accurate.

When using this app, you will have access to clear instructions that lead you through the inspection of each swinging fire door. While following the instructions, you fill in responses to forms that are all saved and combined into a final report.

Through the prompts it gives you, the app collects all necessary information to determine the fire door’s safety. The information is what you need to submit a report to the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

Another advantage of the app is that it saves this important data for you to keep on file in a digital capacity. The data remains accessible in your account. This means you will automatically have an organized way to see all of your swinging fire door inspection information.

Take the First Step to Safety Today

It is important to us that you and your employees and clients can work in safe conditions. So we urge you to take proactive steps in preventing fire danger instead of waiting.

Find our online fire door inspection training and many other safety training courses on our website today. We hope you find that our online training and app make a difference in your approach to fire safety!

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