Why It’s Time to Bring Fire Door Safety Home


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In the throes of a national pandemic, maintaining safety inspections is becoming increasingly hard. If you’re like most facility and safety managers across the United States, your budget is tightening each day as we drudge deeper through the waves of COVID. Your job abruptly shifted from bidding out facility inspections like fire door inspections to contractors like our sister company, LSS, to trying to figure out how on earth you are going to perform the inspections with less money in your budget than you have ever had before. You need to figure out a way to save precious facility dollars quickly at the direction of management, but you’re short on people resources, essential inspection skills and the reporting tools needed to bring these mandatory inspections in house. What are you going to do?

It’s far more complicated than that in our line of work, isn’t it?  As fire and life safety professionals, facility managers and safety experts, our jobs are to keep the people that walk through our doors safe. We can’t afford to make mistakes – mistakes could mean the difference between life and death. Throw in a relentless national pandemic that doesn’t seem to have any interest in slowing down anytime soon, and all of the sudden even more lives are on the line.  What happens if a fire breaks out in your facility while it’s bursting at the seams with sick patients? What an unimaginable catastrophe that would be.

Your solution, now more than ever before in history, lies in gaining the credentials you need to perform fire door inspections in house. The result?  Saving tons of money, maintaining compliance with critical fire and life safety codes and above all else, potentially saving countless lives. 


Regular safety inspections are essential in identifying emerging maintenance issues and preventing them from bubbling into something much worse, which can eventually cost you even more precious facility dollars if they require extensive repair work. Proactive maintenance is crucial, specifically when it comes to fire and life safety systems. Your goal is to avoid potential costly fines and emergency repairs which could be astronomically more expensive and time consuming in the future. By performing the inspections in house, you can create your own inspection schedule, yet remain agile and flexible enough to respond to any unexpected situation that may arise, such as rapid increases in the virus or emergency decontamination instances. Because, let’s face it. We all know that is coming. Another added bonus: You’ll make your infection control staff happy by not constantly asking for approval to bring contractors into the building to perform routine inspections. You can keep your hand on the pulse of what’s happening in your facility and respond to it accordingly without bringing potential virus spread into the halls of your building.


Giving yourself and your facility staff access to practical, applicable knowledge to be more successful in their jobs is sure to evoke a surge in confidence.( In turn, you’ll enjoy the surge in productivity around your building!) One thing we have learned as facility safety educators, is that confidence is contagious..We’re committed to providing the most accurate and advanced information, techniques and inspection processes so that your course participants are equipped with the knowledge they need to make your facility safer. The flexibility of online learning allows you the ability to complete the training on your time, at your own pace. In today’s ever-changing world, that flexibility is a must. 


With all this said, let’s cut to the chase here. Another pressing reason you need to perform these inspections is because your AHJ mandates them.  The whole purpose of conducting an inspection is to gain a clear picture of the property’s condition and ensuring that the meticulously engineered safety systems that make up your building are in working order and ready to save lives when called upon. Visual documentation is the most effective way to show and record condition details, but let’s be honest here, a picture speaks a thousand words.  Instead of relying on written notes, save time by taking photos. Apart from including them in your statement of conditions and inspection reports, the photos can also be used to carry out any maintenance or repair tasks afterward. By using an app specifically designed for inspections like Safenetix,  you can dramatically cut down your workload. Here’s even more money saved.    

With Safenetix,  you can complete your fire door inspections and produce detailed reports within minutes. Users can take photos using the in app-camera and add comments using predictive text and voice-recognition technology. It really is as easy as that.

 Your inspection data and reports are automatically synced to our cloud-based system – just another level to be able to manage multiple properties or buildings in one location. If you manage multiple priorities, this is a big win for consistency of reporting.   

If we’ve learned anything in the past seven months, it’s that the world is constantly changing. When dealing with dynamic and fluid factors like an unstable economy, a virus that just won’t seem to go away, slimmer budgets and job insecurities, it’s important to have a back up plan. Be agile in your approach and provide yourself and your staff with the ability to shift and evolve with the ever-changing times. Get the fire door training you need, Perform the inspections you need.  Obtain the compliance you need. That’s why we have created Safenetix.

For you. 

So you can finally bring safety home. 

Let us show you how. Contact us today for more information.

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