Why We Started Safenetix


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The world is constantly changing. Technology is constantly advancing, and the economy will forever be unpredictable. When you’re dealing with dynamic and fluid factors like these,  success will always rely on the ability to change along with the times.  Safenetix was born of the idea that to serve the world and keep it safe, you must innovate and evolve ahead of the curve. As long as the world keeps turning, we’ll keep moving.

Especially in today’s world. 

When we started our fire and life safety inspection company back in 2004, we learned pretty quickly that there is a lack of knowledge when it comes to safety inspections and code requirements in facilities across the country.  While not on purpose, it was inherently noticeable and concerning. Obtaining applicable knowledge is something that has been evolving year over year as technology improves and more software companies like us create the tools needed to make obtaining much needed education possible..

Due to litigation there has been a push towards more training and certifications by individuals performing inspection and repair. Code requirements are becoming more stringent when it comes to mandating the knowledge needed to perform critical life safety and other required inspections. The bigger problem, specifically in today’s tough economic climate, is budget restraints in facility management departments. These cost cutting efforts have led to significant decreases in attendance at trade conferences, where certifications have been obtained in the past. The pandemic almost certainly will have wild effects on department budgets for years to come and it’s almost certain that by moving inspections in-house, significant cost savings will occur.  While there are a lot of things we don’t know about the post-pandemic future, there are two facts we most certainly do know: 1) Online Training provides a more cost-effective option for facility management staff. 2) Like all industries, facility management companies are moving towards the use of mobile apps to perform inspections.

We may exist because our parent company is the best in the business, but our goal is much different.  We are proud to enter into the online learning and technology market with the goal of empowering facility personnel with the knowledge they need to safely and ethically perform their jobs and keep their occupant’s safe.  We know that the more people we can train, the more disasters we’ll prevent or mitigate and the more lives we will save.  Our success is all about the ability to work with others companies, other individuals in the safety industry, more facility managers, engineers, AHJ’s and even “competitors” who have similar offerings. Our mission, at its very core, is safety. We believe that together we’re not only stronger, we’re safer.  

We love what we do. It’s our passion. You can see it in the way we teach others. The way we continually innovate.  The way we’ve created new business models and brands as we evolve.  And in our commitment to working with others, for others.  We’re in the business of keeping people safe and helping people live better lives. It’s hard not to be a little excited about that, the way we are improving our industry specifically, and the world at large.

Waking up each morning with a hunger to continually learn more, develop innovative tools and new ways to challenge ourselves, our level of expertise is a bar that never stops being raised, as well as something we sell to our course participants and clients. As we are trusted with the safety of others, we have to be able to be trusted by our clients and trainees alike.  We’ve worked diligently to build our parent company’s reputation, one that other companies aspire to have, and one that our current clients trust. Now, as a training  provider, our credibility in the industry is EVERYTHING, and we cannot succeed, much less strive, without it.  Safenetix strives to be the most reputable and legitimate eLearning and inspection application provider in the industry and that demands the respect of our peers and governing bodies.

Giving people the ability to better themselves in an incredible feeling.  Providing organizations like yours the accessibility to a higher degree of safety compliance and your employees a safer work or living environment feels pretty amazing, too.  At Safenetix, we’ve based our whole philosophy around empowering everyone who comes in contact with our organization with the skills and the tools they need to do their jobs properly and ethically.  

We hope this empowerment gives you the same incredible feeling. We can’t wait to hear about your experiences and make the world a better, safer place –  together.

Lori Wood

Executive Director, Safenetix