Basic Fundamentals of Fire Protection

The term “safety science” is essentially the practice of mitigating risk – from accidents to illness to fires and any other event that can cause harm to people, property or the environment. Not only are you a facility maintenance, engineer or facility professional, you are also, in your own way, a facility safety scientist – […]

Fire Safety in Long Term Living and Nursing Homes

Never in our nation’s history has it been more important to ensure the safety of long term living and nursing homes. With the pandemic raging and targeting our most vulnerable community, the facilities and infection control professionals at these assisted living facilities are facing some of the hardest circumstances they likely every will in their […]

A Quick Guide to Rolling Fire Doors

If you work in a manufacturing or industrial setting in the facilities or maintenance department, you know a thing or two about rolling steel fire doors. Rolling doors, or sometimes called roll-up doors, help compartmentalize a fire should a fire emergency break out. These doors are a constant, reliable asset to secure a rated wall […]