5 Reasons Why You Need Inspection Software to Streamline Facility Operations


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We get it. Inspection software seems scary. You’re hesitant to change the way you have historically performed mandatory fire safety inspections such as annual fire door inspections. You’ve either spent years contracting the inspections out and have always let a third-party handle them, or you have already taken the leap to performing the inspections in-house using paper and pen. Nonetheless, you’re probably pretty leery of creating more work for yourself and your team as you to attempt to transition your core inspection functions to a technology-driven workflow, but you know it’s time. Honestly, we get it.

As managers, all of us have seen how on-boarding the wrong software can have a negative impact on workload and workflow. It can take forever to deploy, drain significant resources to implement, and be difficult to train users on, often yielding low adoption rates among your workforce. At the end of the annual subscription, you’ve learned the money could have been better spent on something else or on nothing all together.

It’s hard to think of a more disappointing software scenario. Even great business leaders and managers can make poor decisions when it comes to choosing a software solution. On one hand, you have reason to approach on-boarding a new inspection tool with caution – especially these days when money and people resources are tight. On the other hand, you know that every day you defer the opportunity to bring inspections in-house and utilize software to deploy facility inspections, is another day you’ve sacrificed to dramatic operational efficiency. From faster inspection times to decreased labor costs, lower liability risk and finally complete code compliance, the answer is clear – you can’t wait another day.

We want to take a few minutes of your time to remind you of how inspection software – the right inspection software – can change the way you run your facility operations to make them more efficient. Here’s our top 10 reasons why you need inspection software now:

  1. Eliminating the need for manual data collection will save you loads of time: When you a software application to collect your inspection information, the data will be live-synced to a searchable, reportable database. You’ll no longer spend hours tracking down inspection reports for your AHJ or your Joint Commission Audit. This can save them hours of unnecessary work every month.
  2. Know your corrective actions instantly – Digital inspection software can prompt your facility department with immediate corrective action so they can get to work managing the repairs. By empowering your staff to take immediate action on fire door repairs, not only are your improving the safety of your facility and it’s occupants, you stay up to date on code compliance and will know exactly the state of your assets if asked by higher-ups.
  3. Streamline your annual inspection schedule – A software-based inspection application makes it clear of which maintenance technician performed the inspection and exactly what day and time the asset was inspected. Software can allow you to assign technicians work in specific locations, as well as send reminders as to when the next annual fire door inspection is due.

4. Improved Communication – Having access to data at your fingertip and multiple user accounts and logins across your organization allows access to anyone who needs to see your inspection records. You could even share them directly to your AHJ and save them a trip out to your facility (Fire Marshals tend to especially love this feature). Increased communication leads to saved hours as there is no longer back and forth, email chains or printing of reports.

5. Lower Repair Costs – It’s a fact – consistent fire door inspections lead to lower repairs costs. One final reason why inspection software can benefit your facility process is that digital inspections lead to less downtown and lower repairs costs. How? Routine maintenance brings problems with doors to light early before the problem becomes worse. It’s much cheaper to change the fire rated hardware or repair gasketing on a door than it is to replace an entire fire door. Good inspection software on a consistent schedule allows you to catch potential problems early and make essential maintenance repairs while they’re still minor.

So there you have it. Our top reasons on how inspection software like Safenetix can streamline your facility operations. Still on the fence? Give us a call or send us an email and we will gladly give you even more reasons to incorporate fire safety software into your day to day operations. You can’t wait another day to make the leap.

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