rolling fire door

Rolling Steel Fire Door Inspection and Drop Test

rolling fire door

Course Overview:

Per NFPA 80, the inspection and testing of rolling steel fire doors are required on an annual basis to demonstrate proper operation, full closure, and proper reset. Both visual and operational checks are required along with strict reporting requirements available for AHJ’s. This course will provide you with the information needed to perform the inspection along with information regarding the codes that mandate the inspection.

Our online course allows you the flexibility to take the course at your own pace, on your own time. With this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to produce quality reports for your AHJ and ensure your facility is safe.


Learning Objectives:

The student will receive instruction performing the functional and visual inspection of rolling fire doors as mandated by NFPA 80

  • Overview of code requirements

  • Definitions and Terminology centered specifically around and pertaining to rolling fire doors

  • Overview of components that make up rolling steel fire door assemblies

  • Code mandated reporting requirements

  • Acquire fire safety training

    Each course graduate should be able to inspect and drop a rolling fire door per compliance requirements with NFPA

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